My New Dad Blog


Hello World!  This is my new Blog. So rather than boring you with pages about me, here are 20 Jon White Facts:

  • I have been married to my wonderful wife for almost 25 years
  • I have 2 Daughters , 17 & 20
  • I have a degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • I’m from Canada but have lived in the great state of Arizona for 12 years
  • I have been a mostly stay at home Dad for the past decade
  • I substitute teach at the local high school
  • I’m a casual gamer and a hardcore gamer want-to-be
  • I enjoy craft beer (particularly Belgian Styles)
  • I try and do most of the home maintenance and repairs (some better than others)
  • I SCUBA dive (not as much as I’d like)
  • I cook most of the family meals (and enjoy cooking)
  • I’m a big Tech enthusiast. Apple, xbox, smart home… you name it
  • I like Sci-Fi, big Star Wars guy, but don’t count out Star Trek, The Expanse,…
  • I enjoy great TV, Game of Thrones, Silicon Valley …
  • I love to listen to PodCasts while I’m trying to get stuff done (Adam Carolla, Twit Network,…)
  • Drink way too much Coke Zero (for an adult)
  • Enjoy Photography (and gear of course)
  • Pizza and Salsa are two of my food loves (not together).
  • Animal/pet lover, unfortunately allergic to dogs (our cat is happy about that)
  • Big fan of local AZ. I try to support as many local business as possible (you should too!)

I hope this gives you a little peak into my life and hopefully you’ll tune in to here more about these things and more.